Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Best of My Mud Run Guide Articles From 2015

In November of this year, not long after meeting the Mud Run Guide team at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championship (OCRWC),  I started writing articles for them.  This has been a very rewarding experience for me and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite articles from 2015.  Hopefully you will enjoy reading them as much as I've enjoyed writing them.

Designing Your Own Obstacle Race - A humorous look at how easy some people think it is to build an obstacle course

Are We Expecting Too Much From Our Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Events?  - A reminder of the uncontrolled conditions that OCR promoters work under to bring us these races

Obstacle Course Racing in 2016 and Beyond – Olympic Sport, Accreditation, Safety - Some observations on the state of the OCR industry and what we might be seeing in 2016

A Not-so-Quiet Revolution in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Called #racelocal - A glimpse into the trend of racing local and what some groups are doing to encourage this

The Rig – Ultimate Challenge or Destroyer of Souls - A look at The Rig and how they are used by various OCR promoters

BattleFrog Championship 2015 Orlando – A Great Race…That No One Else Got to See - The continuing challenge of bringing the excitement of the actual elite race to the fans

BattleFrog Championship 2015 – A Flat Course Can Be Tough – Race Review - A review of the BattleFrog Championship race.  A tougher course than the flat terrain would have you expect

Mud Run Guide Awards….Must….Have….A….Name! - With the awarding of the 2015 Mud Run Guide awards, it seemed appropriate to finally come up with a name for this prestigious award 

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Top 10 Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Stories of 2015

This past year was my most active in obstacle course racing (OCR).  In addition to running a number of races in the local Miami area, I was on the road twice for a series of races on the east coast and Atlanta areas with a final short trip to Orlando for the BattleFrog Championship.  Somewhere in there I found time to work as part of the build crew at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championship (OCRWC) in Ohio as well.

This is a list of my favorite articles from my blog for 2015....hope you enjoy them as much as I did sharing them with you!

BattleFrog on TV.....Here We Go Again! - BattleFrog's first attempt at bringing their OCR race brand to television with the first College Championship OCR sprint on ESPN.

OCR...Growing Pains, Competition, Money and Egos - Some early year observations on the how far the industry has come since it's relatively recent begininngs

Lessons Still Not Learned....Why People Don't Really Care What You Think! - The potentially devastating affects of sharing personal opinions on your business pages

My First Tough Mudder - Western, NY 2015 - Race/Challenge Review - Running my first Tough Mudder

Sometimes Being a Smartass Can Lead to an Extraordinary OCR Experience - BattleFrog at Pittsburgh 2015 - An extraordinary experience at this BattleFrog race with some of the people that make OCR so special

You May Be In the Wrong Business if You Think of Your Customers As F**ktards! - Another example of people who don't quite get the destructive power of the Internet on their businesses

Spartan Race Build at Asheville 2015 - I Finally Get to Build Some S**t - The first opportunity this year to get out and build some obstacles!

Spartan Race and OCR Back on TV - Here We Go Again....Again... - Spartan Race announces a casting call for another attempt at getting OCR on television with NBC Sports

Back To The Basics - Building a Savage Race - Atlanta 2015 - My first experience with Savage Race, in Atlanta

My Journey to the Center of the (OCR) World - OCR World Championships 2015 - An international spectacle at the World Championship!