Sunday, October 18, 2015

OCR World Championships - Thank You's Abundance

This past week at the OCR World Championship build and race could not have been more just being there...or more eye opening in terms of it's scope and impact across the world of OCR.  More on this later (much more!), but I just felt I wanted to say a very public and very big thank you to a number of people.  Not just for the opportunity to be there in Ohio, but for their generosity in making the week so much better!!


Garfield Griffiths for the opportunity to come and work on the OCRWC build.  Brutal hours and conditions...but a great experience!

Brett Stewart and Adrian Bijanada for their generosity all week in arranging some on site rooming and the late night, build site pizzas...a real life saver those nights!

Kings Domain for all their cooperation in making my tasks go as smooth as possible.

All the OCRWC and Mud Run Guide staff for the countless things that go on in support of every build (like charged radios...something I never seemed to remember to do!!) that again, made build life better.

Pete Durment of DryWear Apparel for stepping up and letting me crash at the La Quinta when my own room arrangements fell through.  Huge because otherwise I would not have been able to see the race Saturday...and that would have been tragic.

Bob of Battlegrounds Mud Run for helping out on some of my build work and who apparently doesn't actually know what "I really have to get going now" means.  If I had a dollar for every time he said that, then continued working with me I'd have...well, I'd have a lot more dollars than I started with!

I know that there are many others I would like to thank...Ian and Hubie come to mind immediately.  And Christine from Kings Domain.  So if you did anything to help me this past week...please know that I appreciate it all!!  And......


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